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The Giants Live: World's Strongest Man Tour Finals

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The World's Strongest Man: Hafthor Julius Bjornsson - aka THOR is coming to Manchester.   The force of nature stands a whopping 6 foot 9 inches tall and weighs 185kg (31-stone).

The Icelander who won the World's Strongest Man in 2018 is perhaps even more famous as the skull crushing actor who plays 'The Mountain' in the TV Series 'Game of Thrones'.

Thor has won every crown in the Strength World this year, from The Arnold Classic, to The Europe's Strongest Man Show and finally the World's Strongest Man crown too - Now the mighty Thor is competing one more time in 2018 and its  the final major title in strongman: The Giants Live: 'World's Strongest Man Tour Finals' on Sept 15th. 

A contest that sees the top-ten in the world do battle in one night - dubbed the 'World's Stongest Man-in-a-day' contest - is an unprecedented chance to see the Giants of Strength compete in a fast paced, 5-event show. 

Please note, due to the nature of the event, the line-up of stars is subject to change. 

VIP packages available and include:

Gold VIP Package

  •     Invitation for our Pre-Show drinks with Strength Legends inc. WSM Champions: Bill 'Kaz' Kazmaier and 4 x WSM Champion Magnus Ver Magnusson 
  •     Get The Front Row Seats, and enjoy a sponsored Goody Bag
  •     After the show is our  'Meet and Greet' with the Athletes. Chat, take pictures and  get an autograph with the Giants.

Silver and Bronze VIPS to include

  •     Enjoy our 'Meet and Greet' with the Athletes after the Contest.  
  •     Enjoy one of the Best Seats in the House: 
  •     Floor Seats in Row 2 - Silver Packages
  •     Floor Seats in Row 3 and 4 - Bronze Packages

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The Giants Live: World's Strongest Man Tour Finals

  • Sat 15 September
  • Door Times: 3.30pm