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22 Millionth Ticketholder Visits Manchester Arena Tonight!

01 Apr 2016
  • 22 Millionth Ticketholder Visits Manchester Arena Tonight! - Picture 1

We've done the sums, checked them twice, and are pleased to announce that our 22,000,000th ticket holder will be walking through our doors tonight to see Dynamo's first Manchester Arena show! 

22 million is an incredible number of people. In fact:

  • If all 22 million people stood side by side, they would reach from Manchester to Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • It would take 261,905 double decker buses to bring all 22 million ticket holders to a gig in one go
  • 22 million people is more than the populations of Sweden and Switzerland combined
  • That many people would fill Manchester City's stadium 366 times over

Keep an eye on our Twitter channel or Facebook page to find out who the lucky VIP guest is later tonight. 

  • 22 million ticketholders infographic - Picture 2