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Fun Facts: Sylvester Stallone

29 Jul 2014
  • Fun Facts: Sylvester Stallone - Picture 1

Sylvester Stallone will be right here in Manchester this Friday! In our excitement over his visit, we've been thinking back to all the classic Sly films and finding out some things you may not have known about the Italian Stallion...

1. He always wanted to be a hero

He's saved the day many times as an action hero, but as a child Sly had dreams of being a super hero. The young Stallone used to wear a super hero costume under his school uniform and even once he decided to jump out of a window, armed with nothing but an umbrella to stop his fall as he tried to fly. To nobody's surprise, this didn't end well - Stallone broke his collarbone, and promptly decided that his superhero alter ego would have to wait until Judge Dredd.

2. He developed his physique by lifting car parts

The man who would go on to beat Ivan Drago in Russia honed his famous technique by bench pressing car parts and working out with huge cinderblocks, as Stallone could not afford real weights.

3. He wasn't exactly a model student...

Before an acting career took hold, Stallone spent his childhood racking up the somewhat impressive achievement of being expelled from school 14 times by the age of 13, due to issues with ADHD. He mellowed out by adulthood, spending the time being the ultimate guerilla war fighter with a massive crossbow in Vietnam instead.

4. He is allergic to social media

He's tried Twitter, but every time he does he ends up offending somebody pretty quickly - people like Bruce Willis. And he hasn't got a clue what Instagram does. But on the plus side, he knows how to work the camera on his iPhone!

5. He had the unlikeliest job imaginable

Before being iron boxer Rocky Balboa and war machine John Rambo, Stallone had a stint at being a hairdresser. Getting a short back and sides from the Italian Stallion would have been epic!

6. Senator Balboa was a possibility for Rocky II

That's right - one of the earliest screenplays for Rocky II featured him becoming involved in politics. And...

7. ... In Rocky V, Rocky dies!

In the fifth installment of the series, Rocky was originally penned to be killed off!

8. The dog Butkus was his actual pet dog

The happy-go-lucky dog from the Rocky movies, Butkus was actually Stallones' real life pet, which explains the synergy they had in the movies.

9. He badly underestimated football...

Sly famously starred in Escape to Victory, the 1981 film about Allied prisoners of war during World War II who play an exhibition match of Association football against a German team. Stallone thought football was a weak sport and didn't request a stunt double. He then dislocated his shoulder diving for a ball as a goalkeeper.

10. The statue from Rocky III is a real statue

It's well known that the statue actually exists in Philadelphia - however, less well known is that art lovers in the city hate it; so much so that it's been moved three times on request. It remains to this day one of Philadelphia's top tourist traps.

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